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Although the Legio Custodes originally numbered ten thousand, approximately five Terran years into the War Within the Webway during the Horus Heresy they had been reduced to around only a thousand Custodians due to the incessant warfare against the entities of the Warp. Thus it is officially recorded that any warzone the Custodes are deployed to is an Imperial victory, even before they arrive.[25c]. The Legiones Astartes were divided into Chapters of a thousand Space Marines each. The latter organisational tier takes precedence for these purposes. Certain servants of the Emperor bear great responsibilities deemed directly relevant to the safety of Terra. The shining golden warriors known as the Adeptus Custodes are the elite bodyguard of the Emperor himself. Adeptus Custodes Special Rules Defenders of Humanity: If your army is Battle-forged, all Troops units in Space Marines Detachments gain this ability. Worse was to follow. [22b], Custodian Jetbike trooper, three terminators of the Custodian Guard, and three of the Emperors Companions[Needs Citation], Mikaelor Cobernus, Shield Captain of the Legio Custodes[Needs Citation], Sagittarus, Dreadnought of the Custodian Guard[Needs Citation], Artulon, Custodian of the Emperor[Needs Citation], Grav-Rhino Prototype developed by the Custodes durring the Great Crusade[Needs Citation], Praetorian Jetbike Troopers during the Emperors unification of mankind[Needs Citation], Custodians pressing an attack in the Webway[Needs Citation], Companions during the Great Crusade [Needs Citation], Adeptus Custodes Terminators[Needs Citation]. But in those dark chronicles the Custodian Guard, in some form or shape, have their part as far back as any can record or those few souls who survive yet from those times can remember. [4] For aircraft, they used the Orion and Ares gunships at least during the Great Crusade-era. Legend has it that only three Custodians fell at the battle, their names enshrined forever and engraved on the Emperor's armour thereafter. The numbers within such a formation can vary considerably, hand-picked by their Shield-Captain for the task at hand and ranging from a small band to a sizeable army complete with Jetbikes, tanks and Dreadnoughts. [14a] Others argue that the Custodians are not like the Emperor in the way that a Space Marine is like his Primarch, and that some other source was used as a template for their physical and psychological form, a source that was lost during the anarchy of the Age of Strife. These are sometimes used for special missions by the Ephoroi caste within the greater Imperium. The Adeptus Custodes employs squadrons of gold-hulled gunships -- some of these are the very same craft used during the Horus Heresy, painstakingly maintained and blessed each day with sacred oils and unguents. Space Marines are not easy to create. Led by conclaves of Shield-Captains and boasting tens, sometimes hundreds of Custodians, Shield Hosts have the martial strength to crush enemy armies and bring entire star systems to heel. When they deign to account themselves at all to other Imperial bodies their ranks appear complex and highly stratified. They merely see their liege's indomitable will at work, reaching out from His shattered frame to direct His praetorians as He did when He could still walk amongst them. The adeptus Custodes have access to 2 different squads of terminators, the Allarus and Aquilon variety. All Custodians belong to a caste or "chamber" determined by their tactical role. After all, to keep vigil is the oath they swore to fulfil, and they have never abandoned it, even as thousands of worlds have burned. Below these ranks, the Custodians seem to be peers as in the manner of a warrior caste or aristocracy, rather than links in the more familiar chain of command found elsewhere in the Imperium's armed forces. It is Shield-Captains that take charge of the Adeptus Custodes' military engagements; one is typically afforded overall command of an operation, while several others of his rank may lend him their strength and wisdom in a supporting capacity. The Emperor valued the Custodians above all his other warriors, and while he was willingly to expend countless of his servants he was always hesitant to bleed his Praetorians. When a larger force is required, multiple Shield Companies gather into forces known as Shield Hosts. For ten thousand Terran years the Shadowkeepers have performed their duty, yet the coming of the Great Rift changed everything. Their history is a long one, and for centuries they have walked in the Emperor's shadow as His praetorians and the protector of His secrets. The mass produced ones used by the rest of the imperium are a bit cheaper and not quite as effective thus only ap-3. Though they remained relatively rare, with less than perhaps a hundred Dreadnoughts of the Legio Custodes in service at the time of Magnus the Red's folly and the subsequent attack on Prospero, they represented a phenomenally powerful concentration of force. Human translations with examples: watchmen, ottenuto, the great joy, soldier of wall, hearvnto sleep,. They slaughter the enemy's warriors and reduce their war engines to wreckage. Deffbringa. They went wherever their master did, no matter what blasted alien world or lost cityscape of ancient glory He trod. It was one such Centurion that led a small group of Companions to meet Alicia Dominica, head of the Brides of the Emperor (later the Sisters of Battle) during Goge Vandire's Reign of Blood in the Age of Apostasy during the 36th Millennium. All shall learn to fear their golden warships, for they herald swift and unmerciful slaughter. The coming of this legendary High Lord has galvanised the Adeptus Custodes, and after long consultation, seen them reorganised and given new life. Though the Emperor has long been confined to the Golden Throne, there are those amongst the Ten Thousand who claim to hear their master's voice during their meditations, and to feel his hand guiding them. The Lockwarden must be the sternest of all guardians, the most unrelenting and alert gaoler on the face of Terra. As with all their kind, warriors who believe they are no longer fit for duty will bequeath their armour to the colossal Hall of Names and go abroad into the galaxy disguised under a hooded black cloak. The truth will likely never be known. So it is decreed! This stands in stark contrast to the Space Marines whose implantation with the gene-seed is only possible after adolescence and best served before full physical maturity. Mankind Seeking to strike the decapitating blow that would bring the Imperium to ruin, a vast horde of Khornate Daemons tore through the skin of reality and assaulted the Lion's Gate, initiating what became known informally as the "Second Battle of Terra." The uniform and heraldry of the Adeptus Custodes. The original Custodians were the first genetically and psychologically altered warriors to appear in the Emperor's armies during the Terran Unification Wars, where they served as the Emperor's personal bodyguard. It would greatly strengthen the Imperium. In this the elements of speed and mobility were paramount to their success, as was reconnaissance and counterstrike in lightning response to threat. The organization's leader carries the title of Captain-General, and due to the importance of the Adeptus Custodes he often holds a position among the High Lords of Terra1. Only this time the Custodian Guard would be accompanied by the new gene-crafted warriors meant to replace the Thunder Warriors; the first few thousand prototype Space Marines, most of whom would go on to form the nascent Ist Legion, later known as the Dark Angels. Custodians are the mightiest of mankind's warriors. Deploying aboard their Venerable Land Raiders, they slam into their enemies in fast-moving armoured spearheads. It is a name spoken in reverent whispers, for these warriors have stood in the presence of the immortal Emperor of Mankind, and are charged with His protection. So the word is out, and stormshields are getting changed to a 4++ and +1 to one’s Armor Save. With the tacit approval of the Captain-General, they bear the Emperor's words across the Imperium to commanders who must hear them, or occasionally unlock some ancient device from the palace vaults and bequeath it to whichever champion can wield it best. Spearheaded by dozens of Allarus Custodians, the Dread Host fall upon their victims with unstoppable force. - … The Adeptus Custodes are the Auric Mortalis ("The Golden Death"), the dread guardians and only living beings permitted to be in the presence of the Emperor unencumbered. As befits such a body of elite warriors, the internal hierarchy of the Adeptus Custodes is remarkably flat. The two then served together in combat during the Fall of Prospero when the Custodes and the Space Wolves joined to punish the Thousand Sons Legion of Magnus the Red for his continued use of sorcery despite the edicts of the Council of Nikaea. It has been said that the Adeptus Custodes are to the Emperor what the Space Marines are to the Primarchs; that the Emperor's own genetic matrix was used in their creation and through this their loyalty to Him is assured. This makes him a terrifyingly effective combatant -- a single Custodian can break a charging horde by himself, though he may take a few good hits in the process. All Adeptus Custodes armour is made from the incredibly rare substance known as, The haft or hilt of a Custodian's weapon -- in this case a. With gilded blade and thundering Bolter did the Ten Thousand march out to meet WAAAGH! The Custodes' nerve center and headquarters is the Tower of Hegemon within the Imperial Palace, while a small elite of three hundred Custodes, known as the Companions, form the Emperor's personal bodyguard and never leave His side. [25d], This aspect of the Custodian mindset is advantageous, given that the Captain-General often shares a seat with the High Lords of Terra, which thus allows him to navigate the political maneuverings of the Imperium's various agencies, while still remaining an awe-inspiring warrior. If at any stage in the process of Custodian augmentation the merest flaw is encountered, as with the gemsmith's search for the perfect stone, the flawed subject is discarded. Thunder Warriors were described as being unparalleled in physical might during the time of the Custodes. A Custodian of the late 41st Millennium stands ever-vigilant, ready to defend the Emperor from any and all threats. [6a] Whatever the truth, the Custodians are undoubtedly fanatically loyal to the Emperor and will carry out any task he demands, regardless of how brutal or suicidal it may be. They almost never leave Terra and only very rarely are seen outside the Imperial Palace as they watch over their recumbent master and patrol the precincts of the Emperor's palace, ever vigilant of threats. single-headed raptor and lightning bolt heraldry, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Sagittarum Guard, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Aquilon Terminator Squad with Twin-Linked Andrathic Destructors, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Aquilon Terminators with Infernus Firepikes, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Aquilon Terminator Squad, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Aquilon Terminator Armoured Assault Force, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Contemptor-Achillus Dreadnought, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Contemptor-Achillus Dreadnoughts, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Telemon Heavy Dreadnought, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Telemon Heavy Dreadnought Body, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Dreadnought Collection, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Gyrfalcon-Pattern Jetbike, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Agamatus Jetbike Squadron, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Full-Strength Agamatus Jetbike Squadron, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Pallas Grav-Attack, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Coronus Grav-Carrier, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Caladius Grav-Tank, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Caladius Grav-Tank Annihilator, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Caladius Grav-Tank Annihilator & Caladius Grav-Tank, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Orion Assault Dropship, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Orion Assault Force, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Army, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Collection, Forge World Webstore: Talons of the Emperor Incursion Force, Forge World Legio Custodes Custodian Venatari Squad,, The right shoulder guard of a Custodian's armour depicts the Imperial. [8], The training of the Custodes also differed immensely from the Astartes, being bodyguards rather than soldiers. Such is their authority in this matter that Space Marines and Inquisitors must kneel before them. Codex: Adeptus Custodes Part 2 - Special Rules, Units and Relics (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition Review) So, with the lore out of the way, here we are with the rules. Even such worthies as the High Lords of Terra and Lord Commander Guilliman are able only to request -- not demand -- their aid. According to ancient Imperial records it is clear from the Custodians' participation in the so-called "Blood Games" -- a series of war games in which Custodians sought to identify all of the possible ways that the Imperial Palace could be infiltrated or assaulted -- that Custodians were trained in the arts of assassination, both improvised and professional, in order to counter possible attempts on the life of the Emperor. The Shadowkeepers hold the keys to the rune-locked portals hidden deep beneath the Imperial Palace. It weighed heavy with every Custodian, for they knew more of the nature of the fall than most. Others find their mental faculties beginning to erode, however slightly, acknowledging that their reaction times or mnemic awareness are not quite what they once were. The presence of the Adeptus Custodes also ensured that even the most traditional Chapters accepted the Primaris warriors into their ranks. For a Custodian, it is error enough to necessitate that their watch come to an end. In the days of the Great Crusade, the Emperor often entrusted crucial messages or artefacts to be borne by his Custodians. Warhammer 40k Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Such noble exiles still serve the Emperor, however, for wherever they travel they observe. The bloody chronicles of the Unification Wars, particularly in their earliest stages when the Emperor first rose from the nightmarish bloodshed of Old Earth's long night to cast down the reign of the warlords and monsters that had carved Mankind's birthworld into a thousand slaughter-haunted pieces, are difficult now to comprehend. None shall bar them from me and none shall hamper or stall their mission. [19], When heavy support needed Adeptus Custodes ride to battle inside the indomitable Venerable Land Raiders. [22b], The ranks of the Custodian Guard are noted as somewhat informal, as much gestures of respect towards veterans and gifted individuals as a true command structure. In Mankind's darkest hour, a legend has emerged from the annals of history -- the Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman, an icon of authority. Before the gates of the Petitioner's Fortress upon sainted Argentum, no less than eight Shield Hosts marched as one. Constantin Valdor was one of the first High Lords of Terra chosen after the end of the Horus Heresy to guide the Imperium forward following the Emperor's internment within the Golden Throne. The Aquilan Shield are an informal brotherhood laced through the ranks of the Adeptus Custodes. The Sol System is amongst the most heavily fortified of Mankind's stellar holdings. Those who have served amongst the Companions are more likely to lend their talents to the grim bodyguards known as the Aquilan Shields. Those of the Legio Custodes who specialised in such tactics and the means of employing them were called the Kataphraktoi; they flew interceptors and gunships of sublime sophistication and power, and piloted a range of repulsor-lift grav-vehicles; tanks, transports and strike skimmers, Jetbikes and interface flyers advanced beyond anything else in the Imperium's arsenal. [2b] By the end of the 41st Millennium with the reappearance of Roboute Guilliman, the Custodes abandoned their shrouds of shame and were seen again wearing their traditional red garments. This was done both to reassure the existing Space Marine Chapters that the gift of the Primaris Space Marines was ordained by the will of the Emperor, but also because in this new era of constant threat, the Custodes have come to a hard realisation: sometimes, the best defence is found on offence. What happened during that moment is unknown, but the effects resulted in the Brides of the Emperor rebelling against Vandire, ending his reign once and for all. At least some Astartes look down on the Custodes for these tactics, and it may be that this was deliberately designed so that they shared a bond with none but the Emperor himself. Read on to find out! This figure was first attained towards the middle stages of the Great Crusade and maintained diligently enough that the "Ten Thousand" itself became a cognomen for the Custodian Guard in the works of the Remembrancers and the notaries of the Imperial Court since, whatever its literal accuracy. Under normal circumstances, a Shield Company includes no more than one Shield-Captain and perhaps thirty to forty Custodians. A Custodian Warden of the ancient Legio Custodes. When even an all-Paladin Grey Knights force consistently fields larger armies than you, every lost model will be sorely felt. "Let them come, insidious monsters that they are. These counterassault forces are known as the Tharanatoi, and encompass custom-modified suits of Terminator Armour optimised for use by the Custodian's superhuman frame, as well as vastly potent portable firepower such as carried by the Sagittarum Guard, whose weapons include those few dark relics known as Adrathic Weapons -- disintegration beams of phenomenal destructive potential, long gathered to the Emperor's household and entrusted to no other. Others, such as the Iliastus Accelerator Cannon, were however at the cutting edge of new military developments, incorporating technologies gleaned and tested on the frontline of the Great Crusade. In this fact can be seen a pattern also replicated in the Space Marine Legions, only to a far greater degree. Yet they have also appeared amidst flares of golden light to watch over firebrand frontline preachers, bewildered militia leaders and others of apparently little import. The Adeptus Custodes, more commonly known as Custodians, are the guardians of the Imperial Palace and the Golden Throne, as well as being the personal bodyguard to the Emperor. ... For the Emperor! Imperium of Man, Chamber Militant of the Imperial Household As the Emperor decapitated the giant, black-skinned Ork, the Custodians laid waste to the warlord's prime warriors. In doing so, they also relinquished some of their military strength. Clearly, this version of the Custodes has long since been superseded in current canon. Note: All dates from this point forward are provisional due to errors in the Imperial Calendar, meaning these events could actually have occurred at any time from the early 41st Millennium to the early 42nd Millennium. During this time, the Custodes attempted to make their way towards Vandire, halted only by the Brides of the Emperor whom Vandire had convinced into becoming his personal bodyguards. Though outwardly resplendent, there is a scar upon the soul of the Custodian Guard, an inescapable disgrace that has tainted their history and lives in the heart of every warrior, from fresh inductees to veterans over a thousand Terran years old. After 10,000 years as the Imperium’s final line of defence, the Adeptus Custodes are marching forth from Terra in force, and thanks to a new codex, you’ll be able to lead them in battle with new units, Stratagems, Relics and much more. From the Master of the Navigators' Guild to the High Logisticar of the Adeptus Administratum, the Lord Militant of the Imperium to the shadowed Grand Master of the Officio Assassinorum, former Companions have acted as guardians for them all. They wore simple but effective clothing: boots, leather breeches and a black cloak, their torsos naked and corded with tattooed muscle, and they carried laser-tipped halberds said to have been built to resemble the traditional Guardian Spears. The Custodes are warriors unmatched in the galaxy, genetically-engineered by the Emperor Himself. The cost in lives was great, with noble defenders who had stood guard over the Emperor for thousands of Terran years brought low by the brazen weapons of Khorne's hateful Daemons. The Adeptus Custodes. Even greater than these resources at their disposal is the Custodian's ability to draw upon any facet of the Imperium's war machine and uncounted hosts it needed to meet its ends, extending its potential power to unguessed-at-levels. - Adeptus Custodes, Praetorians of the Emperor. Certainly no more than a thousand have ever been seen together at any one time, and then only once at the famous Battle of Gyros-Thravian, fought during the Great Crusade against the Ork Warlord Gharkhul Blackfang and his vast greenskins horde. As befitting of their role as the Emperor's guards, the Custodes were given access to the finest and most advanced technologies of the Imperium. The battleship-sized gun emplacements flanking the Lion's Gate blasted glowing craters in the diabolical horde, but alone they had no hope of prevailing. The Solar Watch do not waste their resources in war zones already heavily invested in by Imperial forces. [19] The genetic enhancement that forms the Custodes is different from and predates that developed to create the Space Marines. [15g], The modern Adeptus Custodes are deployed in contingents known as Sodalities, Shield Companies and Shield Hosts. Near-immortal are the Adeptus Custodes, for the golden elixir of the Emperor's own blood runs in their veins. Just as a spring tightly wound uncoils with all the more force, the Adeptus Custodes have taken war to the enemies of the Imperium with extreme alacrity and vigour. Originally, it was said that the Emperor himself oversaw the creation of each and every Custodes. [18] The reappearance of a Son of the Emperor galvanized the Custodes, and behind closed doors Guilliman and Captain-General Trajann Valoris amended the Edict of Restraint and modified the role of the Custodes that would see many of them journey across the galaxy on Crusades. Shortly after, Terra was besieged by Daemons, proving to many Custodes that they had been wanting and let the threat of the Archenemy arrive on the Emperor's doorstep. ", Ancient Remembrancer's sketch of Constantin Valdor, First Custodian and Legio Custodes Captain-General, Captain-General Trajann Valoris leads the Adeptus Custodes in the defence of the Imperial Palace against the forces of Khorne during the Second Battle of Terra. The Dread Host have smashed Ork WAAAGH!s, obliterated rebellious star systems and crushed Traitor crusades. They alone know the ways by which the runic locks may be disengaged, the wards unbound and the sanctic circles breached. You can help Lexicanum by fixing it. Their words have redirected entire Crusades, and seen threats intercepted and archeotech riches won that might otherwise have passed the Emperor's servants by. Whenever the Custodians are seen outside the walls of the Imperial Palace, as rare as that was, it was in their martial aspect. Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes I mean CARDS reveal Kazrim. Beyond their martial might and incorruptible nobility, this energy manifests itself as an almost supernatural warding, as though the Custodians were protected by the hand of the Emperor. One by one, the eight Bloodthirsters that led the attack were blown apart or cut down. Since the death of Horus and the mortal wounds he inflicted upon the Emperor, the Legio Custodes, renamed the Adeptus Custodes after the Reformation of the Imperium conducted by Guilliman in the early 31st Millennium, has taken a more limited role by acting solely as the protectors of the physical form of the Emperor on Terra and the primary providers of security for the Imperial Palace. Through great sacrifice and unnatural artifice, Roboute Guilliman, primarch of the Ultramarines, was restored from the brink of death. Yet always the effect is the same. The best form of defence is attack. The new Codex: Adeptus Custodes features one named Character, but by the same coin, also contains all sorts of tools for creating storied heroes of your own. They typically operate in small warrior bands, journeying across the stars to stand watch over their charges wherever they may be. In grave ceremony they donned black cloaks to symbolise the pall of darkness that had fallen over their order. Together with the Sisters of Silence they represented the Talons of the Emperor being the right hand of the Emperor. Additionally, these records also confirm that each Custodian's name consists of numerous components typically awarded for feats of arms; Valdor's full name, for instance, is over nine hundred components long. Members of the Sagittarum Guard of the Tharanatoi, arrayed in potent, highly-modified Aquilon Pattern Terminator Armour, during the Great Crusade. Yet with the return of Guilliman and the commencement of the Indomitus Crusade, their activity has increased considerably. They are His first genetically-engineered, psycho-indoctrinated warriors, perfected weapons crafted by the Emperor's genius from the dread lore of the Dark Age of Technology. Recently I had FLG take on my Adeptus Custodes to make them look incredible and so far, they have not disappointed! These make up the Legio Custodes and later the Adeptus Custodes itself, the Ten Thousand. Those Custodian Guard charged with the physical protection of the Master of Mankind spend every waking second devoted to their task, refining their warrior skills and constantly testing and updating their own strategies to ensure the sanctity of the Emperor's throne. [17d] However the origins of the Custodian Guard are shrouded in myth and legend. They are in almost every measurable way superhuman: stronger, faster, more acute of senses and more resilient than even the doomed Thunder Warriors or the Space Marines who would follow them, and so far beyond the limits of an unaugmented Human as to be almost godlike in comparison. The Legio Custodes, stalwart defenders of the Emperor, face the foe during the Great Crusade. No other being had served the Emperor for as long as he, save for the Imperial Regent of Terra, the potent psyker Malcador the Sigillite. The Battle of Lion's Gate proved a stark truth. From out of the mists of time stride the Adeptus Custodes. These weapons are filigreed with gold and theldrite, their hilts moulded to the owner's unique grip and their blades imbued with micromolecular dissonator spirits that allow them to slice through the thickest armour as though it wasn't there at all. Valdor was a proud and respectful warrior unmatched in his devotion and loyalty to the Emperor. Every Shield-Captain you make represents a hero without peer, armed with a unique set of skills and wargear, and you’ll be able to use Relics, Warlord Traits and differing wargear options to suit your needs. Every act, thought and deed of a Custodian is made for the furtherance of the Emperor's cause, and therefore the survival of the Human race. The day of that remit has finally arrived. Genetically engineered warriors of unswerving loyalty and unshakable purpose, their might and skill-at-arms was greater even than the Space Marines of the Legiones Astartes, while their weapons and wargear were uniquely potent, representing the apex of the Imperium's technology. Rather, they see themselves as the guardians of the Emperor. One of the singular features of the ancient Adeptus Custodes as an organisation, and the power of its individual Custodians, is their place in the scheme of the Imperium's law. Thus, each suit of Power Armour is an individual work of exceptional craftsmanship with its own unique flourishes and decorations.

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