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There are currently 10 known documented populations of banded killifish on the island of Newfoundland: Indian Bay Watershed, Garnish Pond, Freshwater Pond, Winterland, Ramea Island, Grand Bay West, Loch Leven, Stephenville Crossing, St. George’s, York Harbour. Mi’kmaq Alsumk Mowimsikik Koqoey Association (MAMKA) has completed surveys identifying additional populations in southwest Newfoundland. Accessioned : tbd Burke Museum. To know if this species is protected by provincial or territorial laws, consult the provinces' and territories' websites. Tank Size: Small group could work in a 20 long but would recommend a 30 gallon or larger aquarium for keeping a nice colony of these. The Fisheries Act protects the Newfoundland population of Banded Killifish in Canada. Distribution of banded killifish around the island of Newfoundland. With proper mitigation techniques aimed at protecting fish and fish habitat, many adverse effects can be avoided. Five species of parasites were found: Myxobolus diaphanus (Fantham, Porter, and Richardson, 1940) (connective tissue throughout … Schools of mature fish commonly occur in more open areas at the outflow of streams and brooks. Burr. Quick Links: | Membership and richness of infracommunities and component communities of myxozoan fauna of the banded killifish ( Fundulus diaphanus ) from freshwater localities in Ontario, Quebec, New York State, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Maryland were studied. It could become Threatened if these impacts are not managed or reversed with demonstrable effectiveness. National Recovery Program | It cannot use inland waters where there are barriers to migration, such as rivers with steep gradients; however, the Banded Killifish does not occur in habitats that meet the understood criteria and that appear to be accessible to existing populations. Bait harvesters requiring a course on how to catch bait fish could be replaced with a course on phasing out bait capture and phasing in skills for humane jobs. are ontario banded killifish legal for the aquarium? For the most up to date and accurate list of species listed under the Species at Risk Act, please see the Justice Laws Website. Collection, Use and Transportation of Personally Harvested Baitfish. Banded Killifish were identified in 21 different locations within the study area. comm.). Males select breeding areas in quiet weedy pools, and defend them vigorously with circling bouts that can lead to a pursued male being forced out of the water. In January 2005, the banded killifish species was added to the list of Canadian species at risk of extinction. An integrative taxonomic and ecological assessment of banded killifish across the Great Lakes Basin. Summary of Recovery Activities Habitat degradation resulting from various industrial developments (road construction, forestry activities, etc.) The fish can b… The dorsal surface is brown to olive-coloured that fades to silver or cream colour below. The arctic grayling is an elusive fish, located in many places like Northern California, Russia, and in Canada. The Species at Risk Act (SARA) came into effect in 2003 and its purpose is: to prevent Canada's wildlife species from being extirpated or becoming extinct; to provide for the recovery of wildlife species that are extirpated, endangered or threatened as a result of human activity; and to manage species of special concern to prevent them from becoming endangered or threatened. Native Range: Atlantic Slope drainages from Newfoundland to Pee Dee River, South Carolina; St. Lawrence-Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins from Quebec to Manitoba, and south to southern Pennsylvania, northern Illinois, and northeastern Nebraska. COSEWIC Assessment Date and Status Change: May 2014 It has a flat head and an upward-pointing mouth. It is listed as a species of special concern, which means that it may become a threatened or endangered species because of a combination of biological characteristics and …

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