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So much for creative education. And I feel that we Singaporeans seem to be demeaning Singapore a little too much – we’re not that bad what. Posts: 19 NUS architecture. After all, having such a rigorous system ensures students are ready for a future career in architecture which demands strict adherence to deadlines. You can follow Sherin on Twitter (and send her tips) @SherinWing. Firstly, the system is just too focussed towards end-results. Nus architecture thesis for business plan word template. If not, give him a chance to sort things out. Environmental performance and sustainable architecture: A critical review in the context of Singapore public housing. 157 Neil Road, Singapore 088883 Singapore. Ng Eng Teng: The Grandfather of Singapore Sculpture, The Influence of Toxic Masculinity on Religious Extremism, The Witch Hunt against Atheists in Malaysia, Interpreting Comedy: The Line between Humour and Bad Taste. economies that engage in free-trade across national borders and have little or low tariffs) to historical issues that include post-coloniality, designing for Asia is a decidedly different endeavor than those trained in North America and Europe might think. And then he/she works again on Friday, Saturday and  Sunday before the next review the following Monday. Name him on the Net! Visit PayScale to research design architect salaries by city, experience, skill, employer and more. Member . I’m not saying that the current system implemented in NUS is without “pros”, just that the “cons” seem to over weigh it by, a lot. Several female students during my time also openly expressed similar sentiments that Tan Teck Kiam openly flirted and showed favouritism to foreign exchange students! Professors pay lip service to the importance of the creative processes, verbally encouraging them yet not giving much weightage to these strongly-encouraged processes in the assessment. Now it’s S$5790 for 2012-2013 freshmen who are Singapore citizens (lowest compared to PRs and international). But they have the years ahead. I was a thesis student under Tan Teck Kiam. He is, if I’m not mistaken currently the year one coordinator of the sch. P.S. Those areas include Design Technologies, which explores sustainable urban development in an Asian, tropical context. This has ultimately jaded both local architecture and architects, ultimately further contributing to Singapore’s current crisis : a lack of national identity. people are just rant-happy, “TAS is useless, did nothing, just a name.” Do you try to effectively utilize that platform? Then you shoot the locals down and worship the western education. What strings did Tan Teck Kiam pull to be there and deserving of the position??? So far, I have only observed my past tutors barely showing interest in my process portfolios, even when I have taken much effort to present them professionally. She has also published many peer review papers in journals and edited collections. Different financial aid options including tuition fee loans, subsidies, and work-study are available to international students. Hence, I would advice that you should understand what you are suppose to do. I agree the political system sucks but the school is not related to that issue. This cannot be right and it speaks volumes on the kind of tutor/person he is. I’m a freshmen student into architecture. Approaching the tutor personally for feedback is the only way, subject to whether he cares enough to dig out your work and review them again before replying you. If you look at his CV and his current activities at the moment, you will realise he has completely abandoned the field of architecture and is delving in other opportunities such as working more towards the engineering side and less architecture on the whole. Sure there are many obstacles but I’m sure you can be more competent if you have so much energy to feel this way. After all, why help the others given this competitive environment? make love not war. Yet when the article was released, he chose to defend the school and protect his golden rice bowl. For example, MIT, UCL, and even the newly set-up SUTD place their education emphasis on sustainability. Anyone can share experience and what is the chance if my DS’s A level results … Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) at SUTD has been conceived to serve the emerging critical needs of a world in transition and a profession evermore engaged with the evolution of business, technology, and socioeconomic institutions worldwide. Please visit our disclaimer page for our terms and conditions. So far the survey form has been successful in exactly way what it has been designed for — It has deterred anyone with strong opinions from speaking up and apathy among the student population for anyone who even looks at it. You'll now receive updates based on what you follow! The average salary for a Design Architect in Singapore is S$58,900. He called in the security and they took me away. Alas, like many the article resonated with the majority of us. First you criticize the school for adopting western principles in design and not providing us with local contextual design. There are many people who care. You have to have a certain level of knowledge and view things in a bigger picture before you start all these ‘comments’, you know just so that you sound more credible, 2. It is a research intensive university with a leaning towards entrepreneurial learning that is ranked as one of the top 20 universities in the world and 2nd in Asia. I left the sch few years ago and am currently practicing overseas, and am saddened that it has come to this state. I hope to know the reasons too. We are then left with so little time and energy to take modules that we are interested in from other faculties. Now, the irony: For all the emphasis on spaces, ventilation, creativity and aesthetics that NUS Architecture has taught us, NUS Architecture students have had to put up with a badly-ventilated environment for years. Be inspired and provoked by incisive critiques and the thinking behind the buildings shaping architectural discourse. But the thing that he is trying to bring across is not about not pleasing his tutor, but rather about how to take the tutor’s comments into serious consideration and fusing it together with his own imagination, creating his “very own unique” design. An Analysis of Existing Architecture Education in Singapore. Then they and ppl in it like Tan Teck Kiam should also accept criticism and stop such obvious cronies like him. Every architect on the outside, I know says this guy Tan Teck Kiam is a talentless brown nosed nitwit! Get info about Ranking, Reviews, Fees, Courses and Scholarships for Indian students. A cutting-edge education in the architecture school may be too much to hope for, since the hiring of many older professors with little or no digital skills restricts the innovation of architectural education. Junior Member . A lots of things have changed apparently. the thing is if you are like me, someone who is just plain lazy to voice out anything, then why all the sudden hate when theres a new “club”? This is an accelerated course held over 3 terms, principally comprising practice, studio and thesis elements. To develop rigour in the discipline of architectural design and the ability to integrate the many aspects … For admissions to these graduate programs, students must have a BArch. It must have its good points, doesn’t it? CS2010: Data Structures & Algorithms II This module is one of my favourite modules in this semester. Founded in 1958, the Department of Architecture is oriented towards architecture for Asia and the tropics. NUS Architecture rethinks how architecture can be responsive to the tropics in ways which are imaginative, sustainable and surprising. As i know its hard to escape from this grind. Who will step into the shoes of William Lim, Tay Kheng Soon, Chan Soo Khiang (albeit Penang-born, US-educated, Singapore-based)? This article was a major discussion topic among my peers. That makes me an old fogey! Yale-NUS College is the first liberal arts college in Singapore, offering four-year undergraduate degrees on a campus that integrates learning and living. Perhaps allow me to clarify what this read is trying to bring across. Two of the degree programs that focus specifically on ecologically-oriented architectureas it should be understood and practiced in Asia, include the Master of Science and theMaster in Architecture. I’m typing this after 2 all-nighters, so its the same world-round :) Hang on, and sometimes just say “whatever” and go out with your friends. Secondly, the feeling among us students is that deadlines are just too tight. NUS Baba House: Lovely architecture - See 115 traveler reviews, 48 candid photos, and great deals for Singapore, Singapore, at Tripadvisor. The above rantings against tan teck kiam … reminds me of my cohort’s rantings against certain faculty staff, in the pre-social media era. Opinions expressed are of the writer's own. The goal is to understand and promote a sustainable built environment. Clearly this program is committed to educating students in the fundamental relationship between technology and sustainability. Innovation & Design Programme (2nd Major) Biomedical Engineering To develop intellectual and critical thinking skills in and around the field of architecture. I’m saddened to admit that in comparison to the ways i’ve been taught “design” in general for the past few years, NUS archi is undoubtedly stagnant. My thesis group has 6 students and 3 of us failed the thesis. Here i mean buy literally; the school fees for the faculty gets raised frequently, while the school doesn’t undergo any change. I think he doesnt even care about his students or their futures. To stay away from this course by all means. The research-based Master of Science in Integrated Sustainable Design or MSc ISD is a full-time, year-long program. Watch this space for more updates. Brilliant disguise if so! He has gripes on the field of architecture itself. Total annual expenses including room and board come to roughly S$23,000. Definitely not in line with the image of a decent Architecture School. A recipient of the University and Faculty Teaching Honour Rolls at NUS, she has lectured at the Bartlett, Delft, ETH Zurich, Melbourne and the Berlage Centre. whats with the negativity of TAS tt everyone seem to have? What is the Entry requirements for NUS Architecture 4 year course? 2. NUS ARCHITECTURE RANKS 12TH IN THE WORLD BY 2019 QS WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKINGS BY SUBJECT ... M.Arch Final Review AY2020/2021 Sem 1. Have you been through other architectural academic systems in other countries? It is simply far too conceited and resistant to change. You got your degrees, now get away as far as possible from kent ridge. Comparison becomes unhealthy and is not conducive to peer learning. Theses & dissertations are important when starting a literature review of research that has been previously done. I’m a y1 student and don’t want to be discouraged so early. ... 4 Architecture Drive, Singapore, 117566. Tan Teck Kiam made a career designing houses for his rich relatives. Since 1896, The Architectural Review has scoured the globe for architecture that challenges and inspires. do their shit, fk off but don’t forget. Upcoming Dates. From what I have read, the problem is not with the Uni system but rather the society. Thoughtout my entire year with him, he was extremely unhelpful and negative. Preamble/Issue. I have friends in their final year who lament not having learnt anything significant in the course of architectural study. sustainable architecture, environmental performance, socio-economics, housing, Integrated Framework, Architecture Sustainable Assessment Method: Issue Date: 19-Feb-2006: Citation: CAM CHI NGUYEN (2006-02-19). All are welcome to participate. In Master Classes, trips abroad, and in the studio, students expand on their knowledge about scale, on an individual building level as well as an urban level. however, with the crazy tight schedule and deadline that they face (I witness it myself), More often than not, they don’t even have enough time to sleep let alone finding time to think about how to personalize their own creations/designs. ScholarBank@NUS Repository. Judging from the students’ attendance during guest lectures and external workshops, it appears that there is very little interest among student to learn more about architecture externally. Graduates of this programme will have a prerequisite degree for professional registration in Singapore. Congratulations to our NUS Architecture students for winning the NUS Clementi Bus Stop Student Design Competition! The author of this article is a final year architecture student in NUS who wishes to remain anonymous. – say a teaching assistant, an asst professor, a non-Yr 4 student, a drop-out, a disgruntled new & jobless M.Arch grad … ? SINGAPORE - The National University of Singapore (NUS) launched Singapore's first net-zero energy building to be built from scratch on Wednesday (Jan 30) at its School of Design and Environment (SDE). I think the major problem is that NUS architecture has many bad tutors like him. NUS Faculty of Engineering. Thanks MINUS for providing great software workshops to help the weaker students catch up on digital skills. If the US president can only stay for 2 terms in office, why should mere mortals in the dept settle for more in their rice bowls till age 65? If we have a mundane academic life, we have even less of a social life. Of course, school is as we know is a microcosm of the state. Say what you will about the school’s ranking and such, but the truth is like the author says, the school is only concerned about its end results- grades,recognition from the international community etc. Full view. This is simply a fact. HT 51-HT 65: Human settlements and communities For the 22-year-old ex-NUS Architecture student, the biggest challenge she faced when choosing to stray off the beaten path was mental, rather than physical or financial. 19 November. Let him explain himself to the Head and the Dean and the Vice-chancellor. Ecological design is rapidly becoming a staple in architecture school. Lilian Chee is Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore (NUS). Founded in 1958, the Department of … Graduates would also have opportunities to work in related fields including and not limited to interior design, industrial design, industrialised building systems, graphic design, commercial art and architectural journalism. It’s directive is to “promote advanced research, training and resource in architectural design, design technologies, and urban and landscape studies and critical studies in history and theories of architecture,” in four different arenas. P.S. CG3207: Computer Architecture CG3207 was one of the most informative, educational modules I have taken. Architecture is always political – it is first and foremost about people and our interaction with the world around us. The QS World University Rankings by Subject are based upon academic reputation, employer reputation and research impact (click here to read the full methodology). Are you trying to say to those who in a way succeeded through the system a bunch of fools who also know nothing and that they too have’ no life’ and learnt nothing? Not surprisingly, discrimination arises quite often from friends and project mates outside of the Architecture faculty due to the fact that you don’t really have much time for them. I’m really curious why are there so many “haters” of the system. The full salary and employment data of NUS graduates can be viewed here. I concur with such sentiments, because what we have been taught repetitively over the course of 4 years is to design in a very logical/rational manner of Conceptà ProgramàBuilding; or in any other permutation along the 3 parts. Source: MOE’s Graduate Employment Survey 2017 After all, you do need to eat. This lecture is organised by King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies and supported by Middle East Institute, NUS. You must be enrolled in the course to see course content. How can 50% of his students fail? Other top earners were those with a bachelor of computing (information systems) (S$4,000), bachelor of science (business analytics) (S$4,000), bachelor of arts (architecture) (S$4,000), and bachelor of engineering (computer engineering) (S$3,900). The annual City Exhibition showcasing the works of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design students form the NUS School of Architecture is back! I suggest you stop playing the role of armchair critic, identify yourself, get your hands dirty and take responsibility for your school and education. haha I am from SUTD archi, and I do have the same sentiments from you. The times I’ve actually managed that, I always ended up producing my best work. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. 4. Why not build? How much effort have you put in your own life less munadane? Because it’s a tropical climate, you have to do this. Redundant – in the sense that these modules cover the same, repeated content. If the school wants to have a system of favouritism and a lack of transparency in critcising student’s designs and work. Rather than rushing aimlessly immediately after receiving the task, take time to evaluate what you need to do and ask the tutor what is expected. In the end, it doesn’t matter. Each of those areas highlight the unique conditions that arise from the history, economy, and environment of Asia. Look at someone like Tan Teck Tiam. there is a Arki students’ impossible trinity I heard before. dc.identifier.uri You would probably understand why it is so hard for them to even say “whatever” and go hang out with friends. Application for the August intake opens on 1 st September and closes on 15 th December.. Visit here for the detailed application process and instructions. Write us a months supply of power. I guess he is not saying that “there is an issue to give what the tutor wants” The nature of architecture requires one to be creative, think out of the box. The lack of … 2. Who is the Professor who slammed the writer as ‘cowardly’ and yet verbally bitches the System with his students in a casual collegiate ambience? The professor who slammed the writer as “cowardly” is Mr. Florian Benjamin Schatez. In the end, the process becomes extremely mundane. Estimated annual tuition is S$16,700. Study at National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore. Course End. i am thinking of studying architecture in NUS... Any reviews? These approaches are not globally applicable, however. He is a charismatic figure, I have to say and thus popular with some of the students. For the unfamiliar, let’s break this down more clearly: twice every week means Monday and Thursday. Sign in or register and then enroll in this course. Location. She received her Ph.D. in the Humanities at UCLA and resides in Southern California. I think that the school and the people in charge ultimately should bear responsibility for the way students have become so divided and defeated. It requires experimenting the process. – ever heard of the impossible trinity? One would not expect the best brains to be nurtured here, but I imagine that the powers that be will give some environmentally deterministic argument that harsh conditions produce the best talent. I know i didnt, i just couldnt be bothered. We reflect on issues that we are passionate about. I am a recently graduated NUS student currently in practice, and although I may have my gripes about the education I had, I have witnessed the contributions of various individuals – both student and staff, who are sincerely trying to build a community. For a long time that was the only form of gathering cum chillout space for Archi students and they had to give that away as well. The program focuses on four broad areas of investigation beginning with the Asian Context, which “asks what it means to design and build for Asia.” That means that students learn not just about design or environmental modeling programs, they must also understand cultural, social and economic factors as well as the unique regional environmental conditions. Inconspicuously engraved in the code of conduct, architecture students are implicitly “advised” not to have a life outside design work, and should reside in studio all day long as part of the de rigueur of the curriculum. Final Review, 2018, Review Panel: Roy Pang (Studio Leader), Lee May Anne, Raymond Woo. One may suggest that a sense of openness is intrinsic to architecture under the tropical conditions. She shares, “I was struggling with going against norms of getting a degree and a stable job but mostly they were just negative voices that I had trapped inside my mind.” For instance, the teaching of prefabrication machinery and computer simulation skills or Building Information Modelling –which are widely used nowadays in the industry – is only restricted to a limited group of students who choose the specific studio in their final year. All such structural limitations like numerous deadlines and rigid assessment criteria which overlook the process in favour of the end product, are in addition to an inherently unfocussed syllabus. they can only choose two out of these three things – academic excellence, sleep, social life. Today, the future of urban regions is one of the most pressing socioecological issues of our time. come back as a prof and change this situation. To bolster the work students do in their degree programs, NUS has the Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture (CASA) to further research by collaborating with industry professionals as well as hosting conferences and lecture series. 4. AY17/18 Semester 2 Year 4 Final Review. #16 of 382 Sights & Landmarks in Singapore. Several other architects from various firms have expressed concern for this Tan Teck Kiam claiming design ownership over others works. Clients will similarly want stuff, and half the time their choices will make waaaay less sense than your tutor’s. And for those interested in working more directly with CASA, students can pursue either a research oriented Masters of Art (Architecture) or a PhD (Architecture). She is a writer, academic, designer, curator and award-winning educator. Well-known architecture schools model their education programmes with a specific direction in mind. I’m not asking for the likes of Hadid, Gehry, Calatrava etc to head the dept or the school, but exactly where will NUS M.Arch grads stand as the flag bearers of Singapore architecture? dont just sit there and whine when you didnt put in any effort, and cheer when you get a free meal. • Portfolio Review and Interview for Discretionary Admission: Continuation requirement for M.Arch final year leading to M (Arch) (DTS specialisation): • Min B- average for AR5803 Architectural & Technology Design 1 and AR5804 Architectural & Technology Design 2 • Min CAP of 2.50 As all assignments are graded and each individual assignments would determine the end result of any students, Students at times are forced to instead, just simply “input” the comments that tutors commented blindly without having the chance to perhaps, improvise it to make it even better. I just found out about this article and was reading through the comments. 12 certifications for enterprise architects Enterprise architect is a vital, growing role for aligning IT strategy with business goals. The National University of Singapore is committed to protecting the environment and seeks to incorporate sustainability in all aspects of campus life – from research, education, operations, planning, construction, and instruction to public service. Preamble/Issue. NUS architecture HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook LinkBack: Thread Tools: 07-02-2011, 12:22 PM #1: ellsworth_boy. Good luck making money then. This course is archived, which means you can review course content but it is no longer active. ... Well done NUS for making this come to life and using it as a study opportunity for students. Given the amount of scrutiny and supervision—twice every week, sometimes more ­– one wonders whether any architectural student can even find the creative space for thoughts and exploration. Similarly, I would have low regard for this publication, which allows damaging remarks from anonymous individuals to be considered ‘commentary’. Too much are at stake or at times, they are just simply too tired to do anything else. The NUS Master of Science (Real Estate) and Renmin MBA Double Degree Programme 4.3 Financial Assistance and Scholarships 4.3.1 Edward D’silva Award – Dissertation/ Design Thesis – Master of Architecture It is not something that would come naturally to many. The existing architecture education in NUS has some long-standing deficiencies that I wish to highlight. All images are © each office/photographer mentioned. Why you may ask, Try dropping by SDE every night after 11pm and take a look. Then ask him if he would rather have remained anonymous. National University of Singapore. This public talk will be conducted online via Zoom on 15 December 2020 (Tuesday), from 4.00pm to 5.30pm (SGT). NUS is one of the leading schools in teaching this in Southeast Asia. This cycle goes on for 13 weeks. Needless to say, the school grading system – in the form of the Normal Distribution Curve – inevitably leads to comparison between students. Have you done anything about it in NUS? 1. Course End. If you want to voice out, let some tutors know, I am sure you know that who are the tutors arnd who will listen. History, Theory and Criticism investigates Asian Modernity through cultural identity, post-coloniality, and subjectivity alongside architecture and space-making. Anyone can share experience and what is the chance if my DS’s A level results (GP)-A, … ; The grade profiles refer to the grades scored by Singapore-Cambridge A-level applicants in their three H2 and one H1 subjects. Its various names—sustainable, “green,” and environmental—all refer to the objective of designing buildings that have a smaller carbon footprint, from construction materials to functionality post-occupancy. MINUS helped, no doubt. Fourth, NUS could review and appropriately amend University policy to better address cases of sexual harassment, provide redress for survivors, deter … The people in charge are indifferent. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Writers comprise largely of current undergrads with select alumni contributing to the paper. Pleasing your client/tutor wants doesn’t necessarily mean giving up what you want. Definitely not professional or competent. 10th percentile refers to the A Level grade which is higher than 10% of that of other A level students who entered the course. So what next? At the same time, may I also suggest that well meaning individuals not respond to the specific content of the abovementioned ‘commentary’ as there is no basis for a discussion. Let me put it this way: You’d have to deal with clients in future. Sustainability, Integrated Design Sustainability, Architectural Environment etc. Compare 3 Architecture Universities & Colleges in Singapore. This must be the height of cowardice. NGS has one intake per year, namely the August intake. In all NUS Libraries, we use the Library of Congress classification scheme, and these are some Subject Headings you will use to locate materials relevant to your study: N class: Fine arts. From the environmental—tropical to conditions such as borderless economies (i.e. Is this truly written by a Yr 4 student, or someone else? Graduates who complete the Lan… Therefore, putting loads of pressure on oneselves. Her work is situated at the intersections of architectural representation, gender and affect … Indeed, there is a lot of negative sentiment to a lot of newly grads in the architecture industry in the US; I think the architecture industry needs to drastically change how business and design is conducted if designers still want to design with any degree of integrity, while still maintaining a budget. Personalize your stream and start following your favorite authors, offices and users. 1. The aftermath of the article brought to attention the many division that existed in the school – two student societies for a small student population, the reluctance to teach local contextual architecture theory over revered architecture from the west. For example, when you build a house, it actually breathes because you build it off the ground, the air circulates through the floor and then out through the roof. Again, the advantage of peer learning has been demeaned by the need to excel over another peer, if one desires to clamber to the top of the league. Sherin Wing is the writer of ArchDaily’s Architecture School Guides. As Singaporeans are brought up in an education system which expect perfection for all works, rather than focusing on the important items, Singaporeans tend to focus on getting an overall perfection which usually is impossible given the time we students usually have. But there, sustainable architecture is passive. Join Date: Jan 2008. Data on Bachelor of Science (Architecture and Sustainable Design) graduates will be obtained from a follow-up survey on the graduates after they have completed their practical training.

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