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The Babolat Pure Aero is one of the highest-selling tennis racquets of all time, and with its endorsement from Rafael Nadal, the racquet continues to be a game-changer. It’s a spin machine that rewards a modern game of topspin and a Western grip. My all time favourite Aero, the original edition, has no Cortex at all and is for me the best racket in the series (mainly because it offers less throw on the ball). He has held Managerial and Head Coaching roles with Australia's National Governing Body Tennis Australia and served on the Dunlop International Sports Advisory Board for eight years. Voor 22:00 uur besteld, morgen in huis. Babolat Pure Aero VS 2020. This racket responds superbly to players who seek power and optimal spin. Ben je op zoek naar een Babolat Pure Aero racket? ... Babolat. The strings are black, very durable, and are known for their soft feel—a perfect combination with a racquet that is slightly stiffer in nature. On drop shots and volleys, I think it was pretty decent too, but I think it lacks some mass to feel really safe at net. Wow, that’s a long guide, isn’t it? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The aerodynamic frame enables the racket head to move more quickly, and thereby increases ball speed, and enhanced spin. However, this one is more comfortable. I certainly noticed that I liked the racket better when I adjusted my grip and started cleaning the windshield from my strokes. This open string pattern provides the player with maximum spin potential and power while still being easy to maneuver. Although comfortable and easy to control, the lighter frame struggles against bigger, heavier serves, and I would recommend that players add some weight around the head of the racquet. You’ll probably go around adjusting your strings throughout the session. Personally, I enjoyed how the Babolat Pure Aero VS 2020 came together on the serve, but if I had to choose, I’d go with the regular Aero for the serves. The frame, with its aerodynamic design, gives players a whole new level of shot selection possibilities. Babolat Pure Aero VS 2020. The 630cm² head size is smaller in order to offer more control. String Pattern: 16x20. However, it is more comfortable for the arm and the feel has been improved. Bestel eenvoudig en snel uw Babolat Pure Aero racket in onze online shop. I hope this review helped you to know more about this racket and to learn new facts about tennis, Comes unstrung. This is something you can feel when you hit the racket. It has received positive reviews due to its reduced rigidity. With the aggressive yellow coloration it also looks like a toy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a weapon on the tennis court. FUELED BY FIGHT De Pure Aero is voor tennissers die spin gebruiken als het ultieme wapen om hun tegenspelers te domineren. The Pure Aero is genuinely one of the most technologically advanced tennis racquets ever manufactured. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. FUELED BY FIGHT The Pure Aero is for players who use spin as the ultimate weapon to dominate the competition. Babolat has made some incredible changes to one of its most iconic rackets, Copyright© 2020 - - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED || Félix GG, Babolat Pure Aero racket 2020 - Specifications, Babolat Pure Aero racket 2020 - Performance. In fact, sometimes I wish I had a more modern game so I could use it more. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. In 2016, Babolat decided to rename the series to Pure Aero, which better aligned with Pure Strike, Pure Drive and Pure Control (before it was discontinued). On the baseline is where the racquet comes to life and shows its true heritage of being a racquet developed with aggressiveness in mind. PLEASE NOTE: this product is for 2 Pure Aero VS racquets. Standard Length. Kolekce Babolat Pure Aero jsou unikátní tenisové rakety, které v mnoha ohledech předčí jiné modely. I’ve had the $155 one for several months. The beam technology allows the racquet to change thickness at different points in the frame, allowing flex and comfort while still creating power and feel. The racquet’s consistency gives players confidence when swinging away from the baseline, and the spin potential really does make you feel like Rafael Nadal. Serving flat, the Babolat Pure Aero showed excellent power, and with the open string pattern, I was able to impart spin on the ball, helping with control. Ben je op zoek naar een Babolat Pure Aero racket? Pořiďte si raketu Babolat Pure Aero a staňte se mistrem ve spinu! Personally, I have always enjoyed using racquets with much smaller head sizes. Deze update van de Pure Strike 16×19 zorgt voor een stabieler speelgevoel, maar ook voor duidelijk meer demping. The racquet was named “Pure Aero,” referring to the aerodynamic frame style, which allows for faster swings creating more power and spin. Back then it was called the Aero Pro Drive and that’s what Rafa is still using under the latest paint. Tennis Racquet Review: The Babolat Pure Aero. If you are a player who spends considerable time up and around the net, the Babolat Pure Aero is probably not for you. First of all, I want to say that if you are a flat hitter and/or do not intend to change your mechanics from an eastern to a western grip (see what they are on this page), you should look elsewhere. Weighing 305 grams with a 31.5cm balance, this racquet will bring you extra stability on all shots. The head’s shape and size make it perfect for creating vast amounts of spin, even for those struggling to create spin. The Aero is loved by all levels of players ranging from beginner to professional, and this is one of the main reasons the Aero continues to sell models. It has dropped a few points from around 70 in the previous edition to 67 in this one. However, playing with the Babolat Pure Aero, I was positively surprised to see the racquet head was not only light but also easy to handle and offered instant feedback, which a lot of oversized heads do not. With the slightly heavier frame, the racquet allows you to generate more pop on the ball without feeling you have to take big swings at it. The Babolat Pure Aero 2020 is, like previous generations, for the basic player with a modern game and technique. The Babolat Pure Aero comes to the forefront on the serve, displaying control, power, and spin on a variety of different serves. Niet goed = geld terug. The larger head offers an easier to hit sweet spot, which helps beginner players gain confidence in their stroke, ultimately making their experience a much more enjoyable one. Couple this with the introduction of Babolat’s new Cortex technology, the racquet has come leaps in bounds in terms of arm and elbow comfort. The Babolat Play system, which was introduced around 2015, gives players the ability to transform their racquet into a technological “smart racquet,” giving them instant feedback on various data points specific to tennis and, in particular, their own game. Van … Gloednieuw. But the racket’s line dates back to 2003 when Rafael Nadal started using it. Pros. Nu kopen +EUR 54,83 verzendkosten *NEU*BABOLAT PURE AERO TEAM 2020 Tennisschläger L1 NADAL 285g racket New strung. The Babolat Pure Aero was explicitly designed to be more aerodynamic than the Pure Drive. This playtest is open to USA Talk Tennis members only. This is a very responsive racket for players looking for optimum power and spin. I have played with this racquet on numerous occasions and have never felt any discomfort; however, keep in mind we are all different in terms of physical composition and the styles of tennis we play. Based off feedback from players around the world, we reengineered the racket to add more control and increase feel. Therefore, use a softer polyester and try to find a good tension. babolat pure aero 2020. Headsize: 98 in². This makes it a good choice for both defensive and aggressive baseliner, as long as you hit with a lot of spin. I would also like to say that many beginners and lower level players will buy this racket. Op basis van de feedback van spelers van over heel de wereld, hebben we het racket zodanig ontworpen dat het meer controle en een beter gevoel biedt. The Play system has revolutionized the way tennis is played, and the system itself has been the spark for a complete revamp in the way players practice in terms of program delivery and design. The iconic black and yellow frame make it instantly recognizable, making it a popular hit amongst junior players looking to stand out in the crowd. Power. It offers a little less power (although power is not something you need more with this racket). Years of research and millions of dollars of development have gone to keeping it at the top of the tennis racquet mountain. Just minor cosmetic blemishes. It’s just a racket designed for that kind of play style. The Babolat Pure aero has undergone a design change with new grommets and bumper guards designed to be more aerodynamic. As I’ve said before, spin equates to control, so the more spin, the more control. This newish paint scheme features a little bit of purple at 4 o clock. My slice serve has always been my most potent serve, and with the spin potential from the Babolat Pure Aero, I was amazed at how much spin is created. This may prove difficult for beginners and intermediates and is one drawback of the light head and slightly stiff frame. Babolat has spent millions and millions of dollars on research and development, and its evident when playing with the Pure Aero. The Babolat Pure Aero places more weight toward the racquet handle, enabling players to swing freely and fast due to the lightweight head. This is for you who, like Rafa, belongs at the baseline and never intends to lose a point before it’s over! Good condition: $155 respectively. BABOLAT PURE AERO VS (2020) 2-PACK TENNIS RACKET. The Pure Aero 2020 definitely feels less substantial than the Original Aero Pro Drive. The Babolat Pure Aero is one of the most iconic tennis racquets on the market and has been since its introduction in late 2003. Spin potential. It accentuates the spin on the ball, resulting in a ball loaded with heavy topspin. With variables such as body shape, height, fitness, tennis style, and play level, it makes it almost impossible to choose the best racquet. But let’s continue with the analysis of the Babolat Pure Aero 2020 racket. In saying that, though, the racquet does lack the feel of other racquets and is something, Babolat could look at in the future. The aerodynamic frame makes it easy to swing and create maximum spin potential on groundstroke and serves. Back then it was called the Aero Pro Drive and that’s what Rafa is still using under the latest paint. Overview. Some tennis rackets don’t need an introduction as their reputation precedes them and it’s fair to say that the Babolat Pure Drive is one of those, hence why were honoured to be the first to get our hands on this 2021 version for an exhaustive Tennishead tennis racket play test and review. A multifilament or hybrid configuration will not suit this racket as it will become too much of a rocket launcher. This racket is not for the classic player with a traditional tennis technique. Weights about 323g and has a head size with length of 100 square inches. The Pure Aero is renowned for its aggressive power and spin nature. The lack of feel and comfort is a bit of a letdown, and those who enjoy volleying will not find this racquet the most playable choice out there. Apart from that, many things remain the same. Babolat’s CEO Eric Babolat described the Babolat Pure Aero as “When we understood how strong he (Nadal) would be, we decided to build a new racquet completely adapted to his game. The Pure Aero is most at home on the baseline with its enormous power and spin potential. BABOLAT PURE AERO Watch now. However, I would have liked a little more weight on the swing. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The racquet was named “Pure Aero,” referring to the aerodynamic frame style, which allows for faster swings creating more power and spin. The racquet with its Coretex Technology gives the frame a stable nature but not so sturdy that it interferes with the racquet’s feel. As a professional tennis coach, I would recommend stringing the Babolat Pure Aero with the RPM Blast strings manufactured by Babolat. With continued collaboration between Babolat and Rafael Nadal, the Babolat Pure Aero still retains its popularity amongst all players’ levels. Based on feedback from players around the world, we’ve redesigned the racket to add more control and increased feel. But it can also be quite tiring to keep hitting and have the ball go out of bounds unless you are used to it. EUR 188,00. The shape of the Babolat Pure Aero racquet somehow appeals to all levels of players, men, women, juniors, and recreational tennis players who aspire to feel and look like Rafael Nadal even if it is just a dream. A truly exceptional player, Rafael Nadal gained recognition thanks to his powerful and devastating topspin in all the most prestigious tennis courts in the world. The one with the black grip is the newer one, white grip slightly more used.

*the one with the black grip is now SOLD. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. So, a good performance on the serve, which earned this stick an 8 out of 10, just behind its Pure Aero counterpart. The spin is still there and I won’t say that anyone needs more than this. The racquet itself has gone through 7 generations, and although it has seen radical change to its design, the racquet still maintains its original heart and soul. I found by using a vibration dampener to the strings; the racquet did display a softer, more comfortable feel. Talking with other coaches and players, the feedback has been positive, with detailed positive reviews on the new “cortex dampening” system redesigned after input from several Babolat Professional Players. De Babolat Pure Strike 16×19 2020 biedt een mooie mix van controle, power en spin. It was intended to be used by players looking to create maximum amounts of spin potential.

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