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Nyumba njema si mlango,fungua uigie ndani. Do not see [only] the narrowness of the railway, when the train passes by - AL. You cannot know a good person until you get acquainted - MARA. beautiful world. be autonomous. ~ African Proverb. The word is used to describe a … The outside is deceitful. Gimba or kimba:  a giant. Don't go for the trivial. For a fat sheep, just look at its tail. A gap between teeth is not the same as the gap of a lost tooth. Toes and fingers are not all the same. Download Now! MA 180. 603. Because it's to the carrier's advantage. During cultivation time one has intervals of rest, but there is no rest in rearing children. 581. A selection of common Swahili proverbs, sayings and riddles. A brainless giant is like a tree log. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. NGU. Kikombe kizuri hakina maisha [marefu]. The zebu, common in tanzania, has a big hump on its shoulders. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Better to lose your eyes than your heart, 7. In order to see the condition of the corn [ðseeds], one has to take off the bracts [overleaves]. Ukikaribia mjini, badilisha mavazi. SAM 15.15; A 308; KS  mnyonyore; T 299; V 149 maua yake; SACL 579 wapeneza; AL 659. ~ Congolese Proverb. 142. It is all about swahili wherever you go beauty and the beast. Tembo haishindwi hubeba mkonga wake. 114. Mkwara hauhitaji mafuta. T 208;  MM ale. It's impossible to know a welcoming family by looking at the door. Here are just a few Swahili Quotes to live by. Compare flights, find tours, book hostels and hotels for your trip, and don’t forget to purchase travel insurance before you go. Gimba lisilo akili ni gogo. 549. Dosari hakuna ndogo. Go tailor-made! Kila ajaye na shoka hapo hawi msaramALa. 116. Don't judge appearances only. KB 319. Does not have the same meaning as the english proverb, "to cut off one's nose to spite one's face," which is said of one who, to be revenged of his neighbor, has materially injured himself. 597. 14. Cf. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Manyani hayachekani sura. Jamala mtuni utu, sifa ya ndege si mabawa. Swahili Love Quotes. 594. Look for what is essential. Mtoto akililia wembe, mpe. uzuri noun: beauty, grace: asili noun: nature: Nearby Translations. – Swahili Sayings “Usimwage mchele mbele ya kuku. NGU. High quality Swahili inspired Women's T-Shirts & Tops by independent artists and designers from around the world.All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. 562. Internal Beauty . Lacking courage when it's time to speak up. beauty. 601. 596. One rotten fruit spoils the whole basket. F 50.56; T 567; MS 85; KS mkakasi. It is understood that the barber's knife or razor blade was not always honed. Mgomba haushindwi na mkunguwe. AL 557. Character has no cure. A turban does not make a man civilized. "a parent does not feel the weight of its child" - EM. REK. The flour which you underrated will lead to the well. 553. An honest person does not need stratagems in order to be respected. AL 549. 586. But udhilike from dhila, to abase, does not require a double u and the proverb could be translated: if you want beauty, you will be debased. one which is far away) does not (i.e. The thinness of the peanut shell covers a solid [nut]. 576. Cut off your nose to mend your face. MARA 2; sm. 587. Beauty depends on the one who looks. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. The load of food someone carries does not hamper the carrier. REK. Funza:  insect, jigger; a carving, statue, figure (mbombwe). A parent is not overly bothered by a misbehaving child. If … A rose is surrounded by thorns. Uzuri wa makaa, ndani kipande cha miti. JKP. The inside of the papai tree is good for nothing. Vumilia shida kwa ajili ya panja. JK 131; SACL 250. 545. Don't wear your new clothes every day - SPK. A bad member of the family or neighborhood spoils all members. NGU. Beauty does not last long. To adorn oneself is not the same as becoming adorable. A good home is not only the door; open it and enter. The Swahili people originate from Bantu inhabitants of the coast of Southeast Africa, in Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique. A beautiful cup [bowl] has no [long] life. AL 551. The faces of the monkeys are all the same. Kilemba hakimfanyi mstaarabu mtu. The hair is done, but the head is still there. NGU. A family is not a burden for the parents, they are proud of it. Categories: General If you want to know how to say beauty in Swahili, you will find the translation here. F 14.13; AL 411; KS ingia. Papai, the fruit; mpapai, the tree. There is no small blemish. Kiswahili is the glue that binds Tanzania together. Internal beauty means love, care, compassion, respect, wisdom, faithfulness and truthfulness and non-violence. In order to see the condition of the corn [ðseeds], one has to take off the bracts [overleaves]. Bow legs don't matter, the going is important. He who praises rain has been rained on, 8. A good person does not need to add other things. Opinions differ according to people, places and customs - AL. Ukikaribia mjini, jipukute vumbi. EM. Beauty often hides a cruel heart -  AL. “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.” – Rudyard Kipling Here are a few of our favourites, taken from the new Rough Guide to Tanzania. If you want beauty, you must suffer pain. AL 552. Explore Swahili quotes from Tupac Shakur,Wanda E. Brunstetter,Amit Ray on the largest collection of quotes on the internet at Satya. With more than 2 to 15 million native speakers, here are some great Swahili sayings to inspire you. 585. KB 293; EM t19. 591. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. T 177; SACL goya. A hasty person misses the sweet things, 13. Penye urembo, ndipo (or penye) urimbo. If you love a pumpkin also love its flower, 12. Njewe, ndewe:  a pierced hole in the ear lobe. Kulima na koya, mwenye mwana hana goya. Better to stumble with toe than tongue, 14. Ng'ombe haelemewi na nunduye. NGU. 550. F 47.15; B 2.51; MM udhilike; KA nzuri; AL 159. 540. However beautiful a vanity box on the outside, the inside is wood. 577. 557. beauty mark. Uzuri wategemea mtazamaji. JKP. NGU. That which is fashionable in town is never prohibited - F. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Ngozi ya chui uzuri kwa macho, ndani adui. It's useless to beautify. F 14.4; B 2.15; H 47; MS 176. REK. 604. An elephant is not encumbered by its trunk. The beauty of a round casket, inside there is only wood. The mulberry tree is beautiful, however inside it's full of grubs. By Mwendo / Thursday, 10 Sep 2015 06:24AM / Leave a Comment / Tags: Swahili jokes. The beauty of a person is mainly his/her good character; the bird is not praised for its wings. Uzuri wa kuyu ndani mabuu. Hard work that is profitable is not heavy. Ndege mdogo kwa watu, kwao ndege mkubwa. A bird is praised for its songs or meat. Character is not like clothing, it is not easily changed. Tiba:  medicine. MARA 2; KA. Hoeing and resting, a parent has no (time for) his/her toilette. The many flies around the pot seem to be angry, but they are looking for food. NGU. Una maanisha mengi sana kwangu Meaning: You mean so much to me. Chui kuficha kucha hawi paka. Wembamba wa karanga, ndani ngumu. (on a khanga..) Oct 4, 2012 - Explore Network Languages's board "Swahili" on Pinterest. Zigo la kuliwa halilemei. A cow is not oppressed by its hump. Beauty and pride go to the grave. Uzuri wategemea mtazamaji. If you approach a city dust yourself. KA. A catfish has a nice body, but it is full of dirt.

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